Saturday, July 11, 2009

What It Is Podcast - Episode 2

Bill, Adam, and Zach discuss The SyFy name change, Star Wars TV show and have a fight about Ewoks, Virtuality, Public Enemies, Zombieland, Jennifer's Body, The New Cap, The Black Panther, Sony PS3 and Psp2 Rumors and news, Palm Pre moving to Verizon, Blaz Blue & The Bigs 2 Reviews, Left 4 Dead 2 Demo news, and Zach makes an ass of himself.

Be sure to listen till the end!


  1. Really enjoyed this episode. I'm also really looking forward to Zombieland, since zombie movies rule. As for your Black Panther comments, I too judged the book based on the writer, but it's a really great book (with great JR Jr. art).
    Glad you guys mentioned to stay tuned to the end of the podcast since I usually skip them. That Australian Star Wars bit was hilarious!